Join the many volunteers who support our Center. Listed and described below are areas where we would welcome your contribution. Review these and tell us what interests you. Fill out the form below and your information will be emailed to us. We will contact you shortly.
Committee Activities
Fund Development – Plan Annual Fund and Endowment Fund drives, seek grants and corporate donations, seek underwriters and sponsors, plan and run fund raising events, obtain ads for annual program book, obtain raffle items, sell raffle tickets.
Holiday Art Fair – Organize and manage the annual November Fine Art Fair, recruit and select artists.
Landscaping – Design, plant, water and weed the gardens; maintain and improve them in all seasons.
Publicity & Marketing – Develop marketing strategies, coordinate, review and distribute materials for publicity, including media coverage, signage, brochures, calendar listings and posters.
Music – Plan, publicize and produce concerts and workshops, research and book artists.
Property – Manage, maintain, and improve SLCA facilities including the building, the barn and the grounds; review and approve set construction plans for safety, security and feasibility.
Plays – Review, discuss, and select plays, directors, and dates, smooth production process, review results.
Visual Arts – Select artists, mount and staff Gallery shows.
Youth – Select, organize, present and staff activities for children.
Other Key Volunteer Opportunities
House Manager – Open and close the SLCA building, oversee building issues and other volunteers, if any, for one or more Circle Theatre Players productions, Squire Jacob Concerts, youth activities or other SLCA activities or events.
Gallery Manager – Same duties as House Manager, interact with art viewers, facilitate artwork sales.
Production Creation – Act, build stages, build sets, paint scenery, stagehand, manage sound, lighting, props, costumes, and make-up.
Production Support – Set up the performance space for events, (music, theater, youth, other), clean up after events, usher, sell and serve café refreshments or merchandise.

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