Volunteer Testimonials

The Sand Lake Center for the Arts extends a warm welcome and invitation to interested persons who might wish to volunteer to visit or call the SLCA, visit our web site, and attend an event at one of the most vibrant and creative venues in Rensselaer County.

What volunteers are saying:

“I began working on stage set dressing a few years ago and found my niche for a creative outlet for my love of color, designing and assisting directors to meet their creative visions for productions, and having a blast at the same time meeting new people and making new friends.”
~ Anna Church, Sand Lake

“When I retired I jumped headfirst into the SLCA becoming Finance Chairperson and working on the newsletter but have discovered my real interest as an ardent lover of live theater is the ‘behind the scenes’ aspect to CTP productions. I have learned so much taking on the role as assistant director, assistant producer, and stage manager. Anna Church and I are looking forward to producing an upcoming CTP production, ‘Moon Over Buffalo,’ in 2012.”
~ Shirley Neiss, Averill Park

“As a retiree, with a love of being involved in my community while using my ‘hands-on’ carpentry skills, I became involved in CTP set construction for their productions. Our town is fortunate to have such a venue in our midst and the maintenance of such a unique historically significant structure is on the top of my ‘to do’ list.”
~ Craig Daniels, Averill Park.

“As a former professor of art history, directing the SLCA-CTP gallery provides me a wonderful opportunity to be involved in the selection of current art work. Our region is filled with exceptionally creative artists, and it is a great privilege to work with them in our gallery.”
~ John Roy, West Sand Lake.

“For over 30 years community theater has been a love of mine and the sharing of it with the community. Circle Theatre Players has grown so much and I have worked in many capacities: President, actress, director, producer, committee member, newsletter editor, and founding member of the SLCA. The excitement and sense of accomplishment in all this has been one of the highpoints in my theatrical life.”
~ Joan Fuess, Averill Park.

“Volunteering at the SLCA has been one of the more enjoyable experiences of retirement. Collaborating with Sue Frost and other friends to create theater productions is exciting and challenging and, most of all, fun. The Center has also given me the opportunity to connect with and be enriched by groups like Soul Rebel and the ARC. And working with the talented children in Youth Theatre Players is something I look forward to each summer.”
~ Val Kavanaugh, Averill Park.

“The Sand Lake Center for the Arts has been an important part of my family’s life since my son Peter took the stage in To Kill a Mockingbird in 2006. Since then, he has been in over two dozen productions, has developed into a talented musician, and has taken on various leadership roles, which I attribute largely to the confidence that theater has given him. My older son, Steven, has also gained self-esteem through theatre and music, and continues to enjoy performing as well. My husband, Steve, has been in a few productions, and I have taken my turn at directing and producing. I am happy to be able to use my organizational skills and fundraising experience to help further the mission of SLCA-CTP.”
~ Susanne Keller, Averill Park.

“Volunteering at SLCA-CTP has been a neat part of my life…including the Rensselaer County Life Looks Good from Here promotion I was privileged to participate in when the Center was undergoing its original renovation in the early 2000’s. I have enjoyed the challenges and accomplishments, the friendships and synergy of working together, and the reaching out for others to become involved. I am pleased the Center has grown to be embraced and supported by so many in the community and capital region.”
~ Mary Hall, Averill Park.

“Making the transition from Circle Theatre Players to SLCA-CTP over eight years ago was both exciting and challenging. With our wonderful new space came the possibility of growth and expansion with many additional volunteers and the need for more structure. Having been a part of this experience, along with my husband – and eventually all three of our children, and even our grandchildren – has been rewarding and exciting, offering us all a chance to work together with old and new friends, as we hone our creative skills, and discover interests and abilities that in some cases we didn’t even know we had!”
~ CarolLynn Langley, E. Poestenkill.

“I enjoy working with the folks who are attracted to the Sand Lake Center for the Arts, as patrons or volunteers or both, and am lured by the frequently fulfilled expectation of creating and supporting an artistic enterprise: fine art, comedy, drama, or music. So the goals are clear, and the people who share them are fun to associate with.”
~ Eric Washburn, Castleton, NY.

“In 2000 I began to seriously consider what my ‘bucket list’ might include and one item was to audition for a play and hopefully get a part. That came true with CTP and I Remember Mama. I signed up to work on publicity and the rest, as they say, is history as it was also the year the building became available and the SLCA was formed. I have made great friends, worked on something of tremendous value and learned so much along the way. Volunteering at SLCA is so much fun!!!”
~ Sara Sheldon, East Greenbush, NY.

“Back at the time the renovations began it was nearly impossible for me to imagine that the dreams people had for an arts center could actually become a reality. However, people joined together, many of whom might never have crossed paths otherwise, and now all these years later SLCA-CTP is alive and growing. The opportunity to work through the years with new friends as well as many members of my family has provided satisfaction beyond all expectations.”
~ Gene Langley, East Poestenkill, NY.

“I discovered SLCA through the local Penny Saver paper and have been attending many events since then, frequently accompanied by my husband. We are both finding the wide variety of programs to be refreshing. My first involvement as a volunteer was with the Summer Youth Program and I particularly enjoyed working with, and learning from, Barbara Leavell Smith. This was fun and inspired me to go on to other adventures with SLCA such as my current role of assistant director for CTP’s production of A Midsummer Night’s Dream. I am eager to learn many things from new friends who share my love of theatre and the other arts, and am thankful to have become a part of the experienced “Motley Crew” that makes SLCA what it is because of who it is.”
~ Nicole Meyers, Troy, NY.

“Why do I enjoy volunteering at the Sand Lake Center for the Arts ? Well, I go pretty far back with CTP—to 1991 to be exact. I like to tell people “I came into the theater one day and asked if I could be part of the action. They said, ‘Can you act?’ I said, ‘Sure.’ So, they said, ‘Can you act like a House Manager?’” The rest is history. I usually House Manage when I volunteer, and like to call myself the “House Mangler”. Back in the ‘90s I did quite a bit of acting and directed two full-length plays and a couple of one-acts, both of which were selected to be presented at the TANYS festival. Ah, those were the days! Many people reading this will know that I’m also a musician. When the Squire Jacob coffeehouse series got started, of course I was all over that! Although my musical performances are as few and far between as my acting these days, I try not to miss the plays or concerts at SLCA! Viewing the work in the Gallery has also given me a new appreciation for visual arts. I know many of the people associated with running the center, and know them to be dedicated, selfsacrificing individuals, who go well over and above the call of duty to give the community quality arts experiences on an ongoing basis. What a gem we have here in the Town of Sand Lake – not like I’m the first to notice that! Our center is well known and well-respected far and wide!”
~ Val E. Gray, E. Nassau, NY.

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