The ARC – Group Show

We’re very excited to have The ARC – Group Show in our Gallery until September 30! Please join us for the artist reception on Tuesday, August 30th from 12:30pm-2:00pm.

WNYT’s Kumi Tucker recently met some of the artists:

An arts program in Rensselaer County is helping people express themselves, and create works that they exhibit and sell.

NewsChannel 13’s Kumi Tucker got a chance to sit in the studio, and hear from some of the artists.

Teacher Patricia Carley wanted a way to make colors come alive for a woman who was born without sight. Carley came up with the idea of adding scents to the paint like lilac, peppermint, orange and lavender.

This art project at Brunswick Center Services is popular. In fact, it’s so popular people line up to get into class.

Art is a way for many here to express themselves freely.

“That’s the beauty of this, that people that are not able to speak or cannot make themselves understood clearly, absolutely speak through their artwork,” explained Carley.

This is the tenth year for this program through the Arc of Rensselaer County.

“I don’t say I’m a teacher. I say I’m a facilitator. I put the things out, and sometimes I have an idea, like today with the flowers, and sometimes I don’t. But I just look to see what they’re going to do and they take it off in their own direction, which is absolutely wonderful,” noted Carley.

With great excitement and great pride, they show their work. One exhibit is at RPI. An upcoming show in August is at the Arts Center in Sand Lake.

They get a thrill when they sell their art.

“Helping people who the rest of society thinks of as disabled. I don’t feel that way at all about anybody, I don’t even like that word. I’m working with wonderful artists. They’re gifted. They’re gifted in many different ways,” noted Carley.