Summer Youth Programs

Summer Youth Programs

Youth Theatre Players


First row left to right: Gabrielle Mohos, Naomi Watts, Katharina Gaboury, Giavonna Powell, Mia Quackenbush, Fiona Carroll Second Row: Kaylin Granger, Haley Wright, Alexandra Gaboury, Sophia Minich, Aubrey Wilson, Anastasia Peters Third Row: Savanna Rudolph, Abigail Warrender, Owen Legenbauer, Zander Swinton, missing not pictured: Kaysie Lane, Beibhinn Corcoran, Nessa Corcoran.

SLCA’S Youth Theatre Players present the world premiere of “The Last Chance Diner” on Aug 5 at 7pm and Aug 6 at 2:30pm. Directed and written by Val Kavanaugh and Sue Frost, with music by Jim Holmes. Dreams of fame and fortune! Crazy dreams! Shakespeare dreams! Baseball dreams! Nightmares! The Last Chance Diner is filled with people who are dreaming of a different kind of life. With help from two “dream catchers”, the characters of the Last Chance Diner are surprised by where their dreams end up. As Shakespeare says, “We know who we are, but not who we may be!” This fast paced comedy is enhanced by songs that will leave the audience singing.

Tickets are $4. per person, prepaid reservations only accepted. For tickets or more information, go to or call (518)674-2007. SLCA is located at 2880 NY Highway 43, Averill Park, NY., is fully handicapped accessible, with plenty of free parking.

Fopdoodle Follies

The FopDoodle Follies 2016 Graduates
FopDoodle Follies
left to right- Nora Ring, Lana Valachovic, Demi Sutton, Vinnie Ring, Anastazia Valachovic, William Grogan, Kahlen Haught

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