Seven Short Plays and Sweet Treats!

Join Matinee Theater Players at Sand Lake Center for the Arts on Nov. 15  for an afternoon of seven short plays about Turkeys and technology, crazy families, confessions, and Christmas shopping…long lasting love and chances for new beginnings.  Are you starting to feel a bit stressed about the holidays?  Or perhaps by the “year of the election”?  Don’t worry.  Matinee Theater Players has the remedy you need with our one act comedies along with homemade desserts, you’ll leave the theater smiling and feeling renewed.  These comedies tackle some of life’s important questions:  What do turkeys REALLY want?  Why does technology seem like a gift….and a burden?  What do we do with retirement now that we’ve got it?  How do we find that perfect Christmas present for our spouse?  And what do we do when we’re offered a chance of a new beginning?  You’ll find the answers to these questions as you nibble some homemade confections and drink a cup of steaming tea or coffee.  What more can you ask for? One performance only, Tues., Nov. 15, at 2pm.  Tickets are $10.ea. including beverages and desserts.  Prepaid reservations can be made at or call (518)674-2007.