Phoebe Chui in the Gallery

Please join us in welcoming local artist Phoebe Chui to the gallery. Ms Chui’s work can be viewed in the gallery until December 31st, 2016.

Phoebe Chui was born and raised in Hong Kong. She holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts (Honors) degree in Illustration from Rhode Island School of Design. She currently resides in Troy NY and works as an artist at 1st Playable Productions.

As a child Phoebe was obsessed with Disney’s animated movies which led to her love for drawing. After completing high school education Phoebe decided to study abroad in America. At Santa Monica College, Phoebe learnt many traditional and digital techniques to improve her draftsmanship. She was also selected for the Arts Mentor Program where she gained a valuable opportunity to learn in an intensive studio-based environment with individual and small-group instruction and participate in the Arts Mentor Student Show. Phoebe was determined to pursue a career as an illustrator. She traveled all the way to the other side of the world from home to study illustration at Rhode Island School of Design. Her elective studios included but were not limited to children’s book making, graphic design, motion graphics, animation, anatomy, lithography and silkscreening.

Phoebe communicates ideas in a dynamic way. She describes her work as humorous, colorful and youthful. She also illustrates narratives by creating an emotional and dramatic atmosphere for cartoon-like characters.