One Acts Cast List Now Available!

Here are your performers for the 2018 One Acts Play Festival –

Bill Douglas will be your master of ceremonies for the evening.


“Paint and Sip” by Anthony R. Pezzula, directed by Joan Fuess

ELLIE:  Barbara Peterson

JESSICA:  Pat Douglas

GWEN:  Debbie Mazzone

CHELSEA:  Stephanie Weiss

PAULA:  Darlene V. Suto


“Seducing Alice” by Sandra Hutchison, directed by Brian Sheldon

MILDRED COURTENAY:  Ingrid Schaaphok

STEVEN:  Jerred Hickey

ALICE:  Melanie Douglas


“The Forlorn Hope”  by Jesse Waldinger, directed by Eric Washburn

SARAH FOSTER:  Maeve Corcoran


BILL EDDY: Jerred Hickey



“Arrestable You” by Karleen Hayden, directed by Paul Trela

LORRAINE:  Paula Hoffay

MARIE: Geri DeSeve

DANNI:  Amy Daisak

NELLIE: Carol Johnson

BOB: Todd Langley

STAN: Brian Smith


“Death Who’s Coming to Dinner” by Joe Starzyk, directed by Joe Starzyk

FRANK:  Bill Daisak

ELLEN: Mary Daigneault

DIANE: Suzanne Baker

DEATH: Bill Douglas


“James and Em” by Tyler Petell directed by Melanie Douglas

JAMES:  Anthony Holloway

EM:  Samantha Legenbauer


“Train to Moscow”  by Katherine Ambrosio directed by Cris Maccione

NIKOLAI:  Roger Gaboury

ELENA:  MaryMargaret Corcoran


“A Cold Day in Hell” by Michael Menshing directed by Jerred Hickey, assistant director is Maeve Corcoran

MARJORIE:  Christine Cimmino

DILLON:  Bennett Plowman

MEAGHAN:  Maghen Ryan

TOBY:  Nessa Corcoran

TOM:  Bill Daisak