Jeff Wigman Oils

July 1 – August 15
Jeff Wigman – Oils
Images still work after all. They can complicate the feeling of location. They can show how everything is a collaboration of the faculties of mind. We may fall easily into an illusory landscape and feel like we are “there,” and then snap back to perception itself and feel like we are “here.” These two places are not essentially different. We build our world moment by moment, stringing together narratives from bare sensations and our storehouse of experience. There is a pervading presence in all of it, a feeling of being on the spot, of setting the clock back to zero and seeing how perception, association, memory, metaphor, and all the rest operate within it. I’m fascinated by the dreamy clarity here—of being both clear and unintelligible, ordinary and beyond, open, questioning. The more I look, the less reasonable things become. Painting is like poking the edges of reasonability and finding its soft spots.
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Reception: TBD