Youth Theatre Players Performance

Join the students at SLCA’s Youth Theatre as they bring you a play about kids, by kids, for kids (and big kids too!), in their latest production of “All the World’s a Quest”, written and directed by Sue Frost and Val Kavanaugh, with music by Jim Holmes. What happens when sixteen students are assigned to a theater “enrichment” class, but most of them want to be playing sports, studying math or staying home? And those who are interested in theater don’t really want to put in the effort? It takes all the patience and skill of four muses to inspire the group to work together and create a play. But will the play really work? Will it have those necessary elements to make the “magic of theater”? Join us on Aug 4 at 7pm, and Aug 5 at 2:30pm. Tickets $4. ea., tickets to be purchased at the door only, no reservations required. SLCA is located at 2880 NY 43, Averill Park, NY, is fully handicapped accessible, with free parking.

Pictured in image: Row one:(l to r) Aubrey Wilson, Kyla Martin, Naomi Watts, Katharina Gaboury, Laurel Muench, Zellia Fanfa, Karen “Katie” Foster.  Row 2: Nessa Corcoran, Alexandra Gaboury,Kaylin Granger, Owen Legenbauer, Anastasia Peters, Guilianna Zinna.  Row 3: Meaghan Leahey, Beibhinn Corcoran, Emily Walsh, Sophia Minich, Gabrielle Mohos.  Absent from picture:  Kaysie Lane, Zander Swinton