Filmmaking and Youth Theatre Players Summer Camps

Youth Theatre Players

Filmmaking: From Script to Screen CLASS IS FULL

Instructor – Jim Powers

An all-inclusive, start to finish, hands on film making course.  Each student will work on every aspect of the filmmaking process.  From “the pitch” to screenwriting, acting, filming, sound tech, producing, directing, editing and post production.  Taught by multi-award winning filmmakers Jim and Steve Powers, this immersive class is for anyone who is interested in the art of filmmaking and is ready for the exciting and busy world of making movies from script to screen.

July 10 -21     2 week course $150.00    Students grades 8-12    9am – 12pm        Monday-Friday

Class limit 10 students

“All the World’s a Quest” CLASS IS FULL

Written and Directed by Sue Frost and Val Kavanaugh, music by Jim Holmes

What happens when sixteen students are assigned to a theater “enrichment” class, but most of them want to be playing sports, studying math or staying home?  And those who are interested in theater don’t really want to put in the effort?  It takes all the patience and skill of four muses to inspire the group to work together and create a play.  But will the play really work?  Will it have those necessary elements to make the “magic of theater”?  Join us for this year’s production of “All the World’s a Quest”!  The first 20 to sign up are in!

Val, Sue, and Jim are looking forward to another fun summer with Youth Theatre Players!

July 10–August 5       Students entering grades 3-8       $100. for 4-week session

Rehearsals: Mondays 7:30 pm – 9:00pm, Tuesdays 6:45 – 9:00 pm, Thursdays 6:45-9:00 pm

With an additional rehearsal on Wednesday, Aug 2 6:45 pm – 9 pm

PERFORMANCE DATES  ·  August 4  7pm   ·   August 5  2:30pm

The Young Performers Class

For ages 6 – 9

Summer Young Performers Class
Do you love to be on the stage? Is being in a costume your idea of a fun time? Want to learn
more about performing for an audience? Here’s your chance! In this two week class we will
bring some familiar tales to the stage. Participants will play theater games, choose costumes,
learn script memorizing techniques, create crafts and ultimately, perform a short play for family
and friends on the last day of class. Class is limited to 12 students, ages 6-9 years old. No
experience needed. Come have fun with us!
July 10 – July 21 two week course $80.00 Students age 6-9 years old 1-3pm (Monday -Friday)

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First row left to right: Gabrielle Mohos, Naomi Watts, Katharina Gaboury, Giavonna Powell, Mia Quackenbush, Fiona Carroll Second Row: Kaylin Granger, Haley Wright, Alexandra Gaboury, Sophia Minich, Aubrey Wilson, Anastasia Peters Third Row: Savanna Rudolph, Abigail Warrender, Owen Legenbauer, Zander Swinton, missing not pictured: Kaysie Lane, Beibhinn Corcoran, Nessa Corcoran.

2016 – Fopdoodle Follies
FopDoodle Follies
left to right- Nora Ring, Lana Valachovic, Demi Sutton, Vinnie Ring, Anastazia Valachovic, William Grogan, Kahlen Haught