Sand Lake Center for the Arts

July 1 – August 15

Niki Haynes - Collage

Niki Haynes is an artist residing in Troy, NY. Her artwork is a commentary on consumer culture and an exploration of social mores. Her early exposure to a community of artists encouraged Haynes to develop her own visual vocabulary. She was raised between two divergent worlds: the Lower East Side of Manhattan in the 1960s & 70s with her mother, contrasted against her years on a commune with her father, in the mountains of Colorado, without running water or electricity. This dichotomy has fueled her art; the radical, mind-expanding culture of artists juxtaposed with the realities of poverty and the basic needs of everyday living.
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Reception: July 12 from 1 - 3pm

Car Culture

August 16 – September 30

Shawn Snow - Oils & Paper works

Shawn returns to our gallery bringing with him some of his richly developed paintings and exciting new works on paper. His new paper work is much freer in form than his more studied paintings and offers a new look at the development of a gifted artist. He describes his new work as “veils caught in mind shape”, and , like his paintings, the result proceeds from an “image quality” rather than a specific subject.
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Reception: TBA


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